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Review: Foursome

5 Jul

FoursomeFoursome by Jane Fallon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not usually a big fan of chick-lit, since most of it falls into “vagina celebration” territory, but I found this book to be quite entertaining.

Rebecca and Daniel, and Alex and Isabella were two couples who met in university. Their world is turned upside down when, after 20 years, Alex suddenly leaves Isabel and confesses his love for Rebecca. After Rebecca rejects him, Alex ends up dating Rebecca’s workplace nemesis, Lorna.

While I enjoyed story itself, some of the office escapades really stretched the bounds of reality. In most offices, I would imagine that reading, printing, and sharing a co-worker’s personal emails would be an instantly fireable offense. There would be none of this half-assed line of questioning, “Did you do it?” “Nope.” “OK, carry on, then.” It also seems unlikely that there would be no fallout from covering (and lying) for an absentee coworker for over a week. Joshua and Melanie would have to be terrible people to not personally check up on their employee for that long. (view spoiler)[Also, Lorna’s transformation from über bitch to BFF took about 4.8 seconds. (hide spoiler)]

The ending wrapped up a little too neatly for my liking, but overall, it was a great summer holiday read.

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