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The dreaded first post

19 Apr


This is my first post just to get it out of the way. I know all of zero people are clamoring to read it.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish with this blog (for my personal reference, in case I forget. I’m pretty bad with follow-through.):

1. Improve my writing skills. I have hardly written anything since high school. I went to college, but it was for graphic design, and we had to write very few papers. I feel that I’m a competent enough writer—I know when sentences don’t make sense, for instance—but I just lack the practice.

2. Document my garden’s progress. This is the third year I have had a garden, and I’ve found myself wishing I could remember what it was like at this time last year and the year before.

3. There is no number 3.

So let’s just crack on then, shall we?*

*I’m not British, but I am a bit of an Anglophile. It’s probably important that you know that.